I want to take the opportunity to welcome you to my math tools site. You are welcome to browse the menu at left for various programs which you might find helpful as a teacher or student.

About me...

I have been teaching high school mathematics and computer programming since the early 90's. Prior to that I had a successful career in electrical and computer engineering completing several degrees in that field, doing a number of years of research, partnering in an engineering consulting firm (which was heavily involved in software development), as well as teaching computer engineering courses at the university (4th year) level. In addition, I have taught 1st year calculus and linear algebra for three years at a local college (which has since become a university).

I happen to like mathematics and computer programming. Having programmed from the days of the keypunch machine, I have experienced many changes in technology over the years. Still, I never tire of the pleasure of programming. Through these years, I have programmed in Basic (and Visual Basic), C, C+, C++, C#, Fortran, Javascript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python. Currently I am also developing web applets using Wolfram's Mathematica software resulting in web based tools using their CDF plugin.

As part of my teaching, I have developed - and continue to develop software for my students which gives them tools to explore concepts they are learning. I am making these tools available here as shareware. There is no cost - I just ask for a postcard or email indicating where you are using this software and if you have suggestions of improvements, or other ideas you would like turned into a learning tool.


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